HELTMAN Medikal A.S.
Corporate Profile and Structure

HELTMAN was established in 2004  in İzmir with the target of manufacturing Chest Diseases Therapy devices and related consumables and started the challenge.

HELTMAN started to make use of its executive’s long come experiences and pushed the button for production, aimed for export sales. Might be young but very well experienced HELTMAN will give a start to sales in September 2004.

The projects completed:

  • Medical Device Research and Development (2012)
  • Production of Spare Parts (2012)
  • Production of Disposable Products (2012)
  • Production of Oxygen Concentrator (2013)
  • Production Nebulizer (2013)
  • Production of Spacer (2014)
  • Production of Oxygen Mask (2014)
  • Production of Nebulizer Mask (2014)

The new projects to be started:

  • All types of Bacteria Filters
  • First Aid and Emergency Service Equipment
  • Oxygen Concentrator for Ambulance
  • Emergency Ventilator
  • Airway

Quality Certificates

  • ISO 9001-2008
  • ISO 13485:2003
  • CE 1984
  • TSE Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgesi

As the last words,

From the very first day, HELTMAN started with the idea of presenting qualified systems, devices and materials for increasing the life standards of people who suffers from the Chest Diseases, at competitive pricing levels with well established engineering standing behind…


November 2012


HELTMAN Medikal A.Ş.
Ankara - TÜRKİYE, 06370
+90 (312) 387 10 74
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