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Nebulizer / Chimpe™ PLUS
 Feeding Voltage  220 V / 50 Hz / 0.5 A
 Air Flow Rate  20 lt / min
 Nebulization Flow Rate  8 lt / min
 Maximum Pressure  6 bar
 Nebulization Ratio
 0.70 ml / mm
 Medicine Output  1 patients
 Medicine Cup Volume  5 ml
 Noise Level  < 52dBA
 Weight  5 kg
Heavy-Duty Compressor Nebulizer for Double Patient
Chimpe™ PLUS
Chimpe™ PLUS is a double-patient heavy duty compressor nebulizer designed structurally compact with very powerful oil-free piston compressors for use in clinicsThe device is able to apply the nebulizer therapy simultaneously to 2 patients, whereas the pressure levels can be observed at the 2 different manometers and set up separately by the pressure buttons at the front console. It can be moved practically between the service rooms or clinics through its stand provided together with the device as the Standard equipment. Besides, the accessories and disposable parts can be preserved at the bucket of the stand. It is not necessary to use the device periodically with breaks as its compressor is very unique and specially designed for the device.
  • Adult nebulizer mask
  • Pediatric nebulizer mask
  • Medicine Cup
  • Cannulla
  • The pressure can be observed at the front console.
  • The pressure can be set at the front console.
  • It has a custom-design trolley with user-friendly additions.
  • It can be used with out without the trolley.
  • The trolley has a metal equipment basket.
  • The compressor is strong enough to support continuous treatment 7/24 without any break.
  • The device is very user-friendly.


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