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Multi-Functional Oxygen Concentrator / Oxylance™ 12V
 Feeding Voltage  220 V / 50 Hz
 Power Consumption
 330 - 990 W
 Oxygen Flow Rate  0 - 10 lt / min
 Oxygen Purity  98 - 90 %
 Maximum Flow Pressure  6 bar
 Oxygen Purity Indicator  Optional
 Warning Indicator  Audible and Visual
 Noise Level  < 52 dB
Multi-Functional Oxygen Concentrator for Ambulance
Oxylance™ 12V

Oxylance™ 12V is a multi-purpose oxygen concentrator developped to ensure the continuous oxygen in the ambulance during emergent cases where the oxygen cylinder will be problem when get empty. It runs by the 12V electric in the ambulance and not only efficient with high oxygen purity for the patient but alos strong enough with it pressure rate up to 6 bar to run the emergency ventilator.

The device can produce Oxygen up to 5 liters/min and the flow can be adjusted from the panel mounted Flowmeter that can be controlled by the increments of 0.5 liters/min value.
There is also a back-up system of aluminum cylinder that can be used where incase (even tough rarely seen) a very high flow (maximum 15 liters/min.) is needed or paramedic action has to be taken outside the Ambulance and also incase of any possible malfunction of the device or even Ambulance itself.

The Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder integrated to the system and has a water capacity of 2.80 liters and has to be refilled time after time but naturally at very long periods. As it is a very well known fact that, the ventilators or resuscitators that are used at Ambulances are triggered from the Oxygen Cylinders due to their being high pressure sources. But this system also have the risks of getting emptied at long distance transports, possible leakage at the systems or even finding empty cylinders could create problems. Even the left Oxygen is enough for the Oxygen therapy, but could not trigger the Ventilators or resuscitators.
OXYLANCE has the facility hardware as an independent source of supplying the filtered and pressurized air up to 6 Bars for triggering ventilators meanwhile additionally the Oxygen is not wasted at the outlet with a pressure of 8.5 psi. So the patient could have the ventilation at the ICU standards during the Ambulance transporting.
It has been ergonomically designed that can be placed easily without causing extra changing at the interior settlement of the common Ambulance models. The exterior cabinet has been made from the crush resistant material which also gives a lightweight to the system.

  • It is an innovative device with patent.
  • It is a continuous supply of oxygen in the ambulance.
  • It is the self-supporting device in cases where the conditions are tough or the cost of supplying oxygen is expensive.
  • It does not require refilling any oxygen cylinder.
  • It indicates the oxygen concentration status.
  • It has audible and visual warning indicator.
  • It can supply oxygen directly to patient as well as to the emergency ventilator.

All the controls are made automatically with the help of the microprocessor and also gives warnings incase of a failure during the internal check when first switched ON. It gives audible and visual warnings against the following situations:
  • Low Oxygen
  • Low Current
  • Low Pressure
  • High Pressure
  • Air Leakage
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Over Heating

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