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Ventilator Product Group / Humi-Add™
 Feeding Voltage  220 V / 50 Hz / 0.5 A
 Heater Capacity
 90 W
 Heater Heat Degree  35 - 65 ºC
 Air Flow Rate  8 lt / min
 Dimentsions (W x L x H)  135 x 145 x 50 mm
 Weight  0.70 kg
Heated Humidifier Device
Humi-Add™ Humidifier is designed in accordance with the use of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and ventilation devices.

It is used to deliver the air that is provided by the CPAP and Ventilator to the patient at body temperature and optimum humidity rate.
  • Heater Table Temperature 35 - 65 ºC
  • The device functions under micro processor-control.
  • The table temperature of Humi-Add™ at 24oC is between 35oC and 65oC. The tolerance for
  • the measured value is +/- 0.5oC.
  • At an ambient where the temperature is 24oC and humidity rate is 37%, the humidity rate varies between 65% and 97% depending on the device’s degree of temperature.The case of the Humi-Add™ device is made of nonflammable plastic material.


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