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Suction Pump / Newaspir™
 Feeding Voltage  220 V / 50 Hz / 0.7 A
 Vacuum Capacity
 0 - 760 mmHg
 Maximum Vacuum Rate  600 mmHg / dk (± 10)
 Air Flow Rate  8 lt / min
 Suction Jar Volume  1000 cc (graduated)
 Noise Level  < 49 dB
 Dimentsions (W x L x H)  187 x 212 x 354 mm
 Weight  3.1 kg
Suction Pump
Newaspir™ is a Suction Pump device that is used in case of minor post-op need or when the tracheotomy is open for effective invasive ventilation. Inspite of its small design and light weight, it answers the requirements of the patient with high vacuum power. The bacterial filter of the device prevents the risk of the contamination between the device and the patient. The one way auto shut-off valve at the collection bottle prevents the liquid to enter the internal parts of the device. The collection bottle is pre-scaled for measuring the collected liquid amount. It comes with a long silicone tubing so the device doesn’t needed to be placed at the patient very bedside area.
  • Bacteria Filter
  • Tubing Connector
  • Tubing (Autoclavable)
  • It is used both for homecare and clinics as it is compact and lightweight.
  • ABS Plastic , shock resistant housing.
  • Handle for easy transportation, lightweight, user friendly.
  • Vacuum Regulation Knob on front panel to adjust vacuum level.
  • Vacuum Gauge on front panel for real-time vacuum power monitoring.
  • Antibacterial filter to reduce the contamination risk.
  • Autoclavable polycarbonate collection jar with auto shut-off valve.


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