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Oxygen Concentrator / Oxycare™ 5L PLUS
 Feeding Voltage  220 V / 50 Hz
 Power Consumption
 330 W
 Oxygen Flow Rate  0 - 5 lt / min
 Oxygen Purity  98 - 90 %
 Oxygen Purity Indicator  Optional
 Error Warning  Audible and visual
 Noise Level  < 45 dB
 Weight  14 kg
 Dimensions (W x L x H)  280 x 380 x 445 mm
5L High Purity Compact Oxygen Concentrator
Oxycare™ 5L PLUS

OXYCARE 5L-PLUS Oxygen Concentrator device is manufactured for both homecare and clinical use where it is very important to have an unlimited and cost effective source of Oxygen during long term Oxygen therapy. These devices do not require refilling but only the periodical maintenance which is very user friendly and easy.

The device has a very unique and innovative technology with patent. The ambient air that we breathe contains approximately 78% Nitrogen, 21 % Oxygen, 0.9% Argon and the rest is other trace gases. The most economic and easy method for separating the Oxygen gas from the ambient atmospheric air mixture is using the PSA Technology. The OXYCARE 5L-PLUS oxygen concentrator can increase the 21 % Oxygen in the ambient air that we breathe up to 98%, which is a very high rate of oxygen purity unlike the most of its equivalents.

The OCSI Feature (Oxygen Cocentration Status Indicator)
The OCSI allows the device the analyze the purity of the oxygen and show it simultaneously at the LCS screen. There is the Oxygen Sensor with 2 Million hours lifetime integrated to the system. It functions for reading signals continuously. The NUMERIC % VALUE can be seen permanently at the LCD screen which is the most important information for the user “the pureness of the Oxygen” which is delivered to the patient at that moment.
  • Bubble Humidifier
  • Nasal Cannula
  • Spare Filters
  • It is a very compact device.
  • It is light-weight in comparison with its equivalents (Net 14 kg).
  • It is one of the very rare device in the world with its high purity oxygen concentration. The oxygen is concetrated at very high purity rates by the device's innovative patented system. Regardless of the geographical conditions, it produces 98-90% pure oxygen. The oxygen purity never goes below 90% at any place in the world at the maximum flow 5-liter. The oxygen purity is around 98-96% at the flow of 2-liter which is the most common rate of doctor prescription.
  • Liquid crystal LCD screen indicates the operating hour(s), information about the device, and malfunctions with audio-visual alerts.The design of the device is protective for keeping the Bubble Humidifier against any possible impact or crush which may cause breaking the bottle.
  • Warning Memory Facility.
  • This device has the ability of keeping the records of last 4 warnings in its memory with the exact time of the warnings given, thus the technical service authorized personnel could have a better idea about the device and the failure. No other homecare Oxygen Concentrator has this option as “default”. A key lock exits for seeing this information screen on the LCD.
  • The Inhanced Filter System: There is the Gross Particle Filter-Rectangular, Fine Particle Filter-Round, Felt Filter-Round, Pall Filter at the air intake and a Bacteria Filter before the outlet. The filters which should be replaced or periodically cleaned are placed “easy to reach” for supporting “user friendly” environment. No screw to deal with or no need to disassemble any cover. Also there is another filter at the back side of the device which filters the cooling air from Gross particles while being taken from outside.
  • Unbreakable built-in handle gives the user maximum mobility in every direction easily.
  • There are 4 castors (2 of them are lockable for maintaining the stability).

The device has audible and visual warnings for the following cases:
  • High Pressure
  • Low Pressure
  • Air Leackage
  • High Temprature
  • Electronic Malfunction
  • Mechanical Malfunction
  • Electric Cut
  • Low Oxygen (only for the models having OCSI kit)
  • Reminder Messeges:
    • The Bubble Humidifier Replacement Reminder
    • The Nasal Cannula Replacement Reminder
    • The Pall/HEPA Filter Replacement Reminder
    • The Maintenance Of The Air Inlet Filters Reminder

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