HELTMAN Medikal A.S.
Policy and Principles

HELTMAN Human Resources carries out the main and modern methods for strategically employing the individuals who are
qualified, educated, young, dynamic and open for improvement. Believing to achieve success through the employers with education, knowledge and experience and who considers his/her position as a life-time-job, HELTMAN invests in Human Resources aiming to increase the happiness and self-improvement of her employers.


  • We are a company and her employers who are honest, determined, well-educated and open for improvement.
  • We believe in effective team work.
  • We care about open communication.
  • We always support creavity.
  • We support the working environment in which the successful employers are awarded.
  • We comply with the law while supplying product and services in our sector and never make concessions.
  • We never make concessions about our social responsibilities.
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HELTMAN Medikal A.Ş.
Ankara - TÜRKİYE, 06370
+90 (312) 387 10 74
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