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Dear Visitor,

Our company HELTMAN Medikal A.S.  is new but our knowledge is aged. We are a group of companies engage in both production and retail sales. Although we were active mostly in retails sales, the production was always our  vission in our past. Overthrowing our spirit which is a warrior in the retail sales, it became our duty to produce and improve the econonomy. We stopped the retail sales and rigidly pushed the button for mass production and sales in bulk.

Yes; we chose a tough way with love and passion, desiring to produce the best quality due to the highest world standards regardless of the challenges in the industry. Trusting to you our dearest colleagues in our new way, we will struggle to become a well-known BRAND in this sector containing giant and multi-national financial groups and Far East manufacturers. We wished that the giant financial groups had made more investments here and we could have had more globally well known and respected brands...

We get our way like the story of the ant and we will struggle to achieve our goals. It it our main struggle to achieve all of our goals but we believe that we will leave a trace in our way and will light for the ones after us if at all.

Warm and Kind Regards,



HELTMAN Medikal A.Ş.
Ankara - TÜRKİYE, 06370
+90 (312) 387 10 74
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